Explore the Field of Hypnotherapy with our 20-Hour Introductory Program

This program gives you the first 20 hours of training to explore the field of hypnotherapy and hypnosis. These hours also count towards your overall training and Hypnotherapy Certification.

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You’ll get instant access to the first 20 hours of our Hypnotherapist training and certification course*, including our training manual and 15 video lessons:

*Being enrolled in these 20 hours does not mean you are “officially” enrolled in our school, however, if you want to continue your training with us, we will happily apply these hours to the full Program and credit what you’ve paid for this course towards the full tuition cost.

What Others Have To Say About Our Training...

"It truly was amazing! I have accomplished a great deal in my life yet going to your institute was one of the best decisions I have ever made! My practice is going very well. I see clients every week either at my work or in my office. It is a very exciting time for me."
Linden Cheney
Wilton Manors, Florida
"My education at the Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy has far exceeded my expectations of training in this field of healthcare. The focus of in-depth instruction of the most modern and powerful methods available to assist people to reach their goals and resolve inner conflicts was attained."
Maryanne Everett
Gainesville, Florida
"My advice for the prospective student: To maximize your educational experience jump into this material with both feet. Be open with your own feelings so you can experience life transformations, and once you see miracles occuring in your own life you will have such conviction in this business that people will be falling in line just to have the opportunity to work with you."
Andrew Green
Salt Lake City, Utah
"Studying with Matthew changed my life. Both personally and professionally, my experience at IIH was truly transformative. The program he has built is one of the best in the country and I am much richer for having attended it. I now have a professional practice that is both heart-centered and financially prosperous."
David Sewell
Sarasota, Florida

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